Visa Letter

Create your own Invitation or
Business Introduction Letter.

An Invitation Letter and/or Business Introduction Letter can be a mandatory document that will decide on the success of your visa application at the Embassy/Consulate.

Therefore we developed the Viselio Visa Letter Generator – a simple solution that will help you generate your business or tourist invitation letter in accordance with the Embassy and Consular requirements.

What is a Visa Letter

Viselio Visa Letter Generator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create any kind of qualified letter (Invitation Letter and/or Business Introduction Letter) that is required to hand over at the Embassy/Consulate, in accordance with their specific requirements tool. 

This way you can rest assured that you will provide a valid Invitation Letter / Business Introduction Letter for your visa application.

Time-saving tool
You need just a couple of minutes to create your invitation letter with our letter generator.
Free of charge

For every traveler that is applying for a visa, our letter generator is free of charge to use.

Mistake-free document
Our letter generator allows you to create your invitation letter without mistakes such as grammar, wording or missing information.

How to create an Invitation or Business Introduction letter

In order to create an invitation letter with our Visa Letter Generator, every traveler needs to fill in a few required information that will automatically generate your template.

Business Invitation Letter
Location pin

Choose the country you’re applying from.


Choose a travel destination you are applying for a visa.

Visa Letter Type

Choose your visa letter type: Invitaion Letter or Business Introduction Letter.

Viselio wishes you good luck with your visa application!

For more information, questions and concerns, please feel free to Contact Us. We are here to help you!



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